In the beginning, there was a Bang. A Big Bang. Well, at least that's the theory. And during that Big Bang, lots and lots of tiny particles that just had came into being were just moving around non-stop, creating mayhem and beauty. After a while, these tiny particles settled down and became matter, then life, and, eventually, some of them became human beings.

However, these tiny particles never forgot where their roots, where ultimately they were coming from : a Big Bang and movement that creates beauty.

Some of these particles' instinct is still alive and kicking in the heart and soul of a group of fearless women on the fair Ellan Vannin, dancing pixies who met thanks to the odds of Life, and who decided it was much more fun to dance altogether. They decided they should have a name to remind the whole world who they are : “Sanguine” for their fierce nature, “Shee” to remind themselves of the ancient myths of the land where they met.

Sanguine Shee is a collaborative performance group based on the Isle of Man offering performances from Burlesque to Fire dance, via Tribal Bellydance, directed by Burlesque performer Dee Dee and Bellydancer Gwenaël LaSirène. All Sanguine Shee members have had prior professional experience in the dance world on and out of the island, which has attracted The Play People, the premier creative arts agency on the Island, to ask them to perform during Tynwald 2012 Fire Show. Now those ladies are taking dance to a whole new level unseen on the island, creating stunning cabaret shows and avant-garde theatrical dance plays.

Watch this space for future updates, as we are slowly building the website, and do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any information.